About us

Tired of being told to be #grateful for what small scraps of hope you can find lodged in the towering shit-heap of modern life?

Exasperated by wild and unhinged claims that everything happens for a reason (although god forbid the reason is that life is an unfair slog through an uncaring and carnivorous world), or that every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise?

Misanthrotees provides the perfect antidote to your wretched interlocutors, armouring you with shards of truth guaranteed to cut through even the thickest bullshit.


Dre: After a youth spent troubled by the incoherent actions of the humans around him, Dre now gleefully embraces the sociopathic tendencies of his full-blown Autistic Spectrum disorder. Misanthrotees represents his final efforts to at least make the rest of humanity aware of the colossal scope of their folly before he either ends himself or everyone else on the planet.




Jon: Disintegrating physically and mentally as his youth decays into a featureless sludge, Jon nevertheless finds solace in a lifetime’s dedication to the noble art of searing facetiousness. His baleful impression of your and the world’s mediocrity inspires him to clad you in fragments of truth designed to reveal the Matrix one breakdown at a time.